General tips for SE backpackers

What to bring (May/June)

  • I really really regretted taking a pair of jeans !!
  • Earplugs (this is your dearest possession when sleeping in dorms!)
  • Tampax (super expensive there)
  • Hanging toiletries bag (handy in hostel)
  • Lush shampoo bar
  • international converter
  • medicine: food poisoning, anti bacterial wipes , anti blisters
  • baby wipes
  • travel towel (from Decatlon they are cheap and dry quickly)
  • Limited amount of clothes, as you will just end up buying the usual t-shirts (with elephants on it) and these really comfortable baggy trousers (even though they look like pyjama, who cares).

Cool apps to download before leaving

  • Get an international banking card with Revolut or Monzo
  • Book cheap hostels with hostelworld
  • Keep all your tickets, confirmation emails etc in the same place with Google Trips. 
  • Once there, to find your way, for offline maps (think about downloading the map before leaving!)

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